Wheel Alignment Check In Huntington Beach, CA

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Why get a wheel alignment?

It is very important to get a wheel alignment done after you have new tires fitted. Correct wheel alignment is a major factor in maximizing the life you get out of your tires. Therefore, we believe that you should probably have your alignment checked:
When fitting new tires.
Every twelve months or 12,000 KMs/7,456 miles (whichever comes first).
After accident repairs, or replacement of any steering or suspension parts.

Driving a car with correct wheel alignment will:
Allow you to save more fuel in the long run.
Enhance your car's handling, particularly cornering.
Reduce driver fatigue.
Save excessive uneven and premature tire wear.

There are signs that you need to be aware of encase your wheels are not properly aligned. The following signs will mostly likely mean that your car needs a wheel alignment:
If your car is hard to keep in a straight line when driving.
If you feel excessive road shock through the steering wheel.
If the steering wheel doesn't return to center.
If you notice irregular tire wear – on the front or on the rear tires.
If you must exert great force when trying to steer.