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Huntington Beach Transmissions & Auto Repair has proudly served the Huntington Beach, CA, community since 1963. Our ASE-certified technicians perform a range of auto repairs, from axle repair service to complete transmission service . When you're in need of reliable transmission repairs and transmission flush service, you can count on us.
We perform complete transmission services on all makes and models, including 4-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles. Our transmission flush service is an easy way to ensure your transmission is properly maintained to avoid costly premature failure in the future.

What Is a Transmission Flush?
A transmission flush service is different than a transmission service. Regular maintenance service in most cases involves removing the transmission oil pan and to replace the fluid filter, this procedure will only replace about half of the total volume of fluid in the transmission, leaving contaminated dirty fluid to mix with the fresh fluid. Many shops that offer transmission flush will not replace your filter, they simply flush the fluid leaving the clogged, dirty filter inside, not here!

A transmission flush service is the next level up from a transmission service. Our professional technicians start by pumping fresh transmission fluid into your transmission while pumping out the old dirty fluid. During your transmission flush service we also replace the fluid filter, we also inspect the pan for any debris that may indicate a possible internal problem and potentially save you from a near future breakdown. This ensures all possible contaminants are flushed out of your transmission leaving only fresh clean fluid and filter inside.

Transmission service and flush service both have their importance in every preventative maintenance schedule ensuring a long healthy transmission life. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your transmission but unfortunately can not correct existing problems, so take care of your transmission and save time and money on repairs.

What Else Do We Do?
In addition to transmission flush service, Huntington Beach Transmissions & Auto Repair performs other types of auto repairs at a fair price, including axle repair service, clutch repairs, and smog repairs. Visit our Huntington Beach, CA, shop today to learn more about our preventative transmission flush service or to schedule an appointment.