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Regular automotive maintenance work is essential for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle, period. Routine maintenance can often keep frustrating car problems at bay, including potentially dangerous issues that could impact your safety.
If you think your car isn’t working correctly, like if your “check engine” light has come on, your vehicle needs professional attention as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t noticed any pressing problems, your car needs a regular check-up to stay healthy, the same way that you should regularly see a doctor for a physical.
Huntington Beach Transmissions & Auto Repair is a reputable business that's been around since the early sixties. We offer all kinds of auto services to customers, including brake repair services, and our regular maintenance services will protect your car and your own safety.

A Trustworthy Staff
Huntington Beach Transmissions & Auto Repair has a trustworthy and capable staff. Our technicians have ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification and receive comprehensive training on a routine basis. As a result, they are always well-versed in the most modern, dependable, and effective auto repair service practices out there.
Our auto shop has had the distinction of being classified as a coveted Auto Club Approved Repair Center for a long time—we've been one for more than a full decade! Whether you need premium auto repair service or basic brake repair services in the beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, area, our company can tend to you with confidence.

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Safety on the road is immensely important. That's why you should always do whatever you can to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape. If you're looking for a widely known Huntington Beach, CA , company that can keep your car in superb condition, Huntington Beach Transmissions & Auto Repair should be your first choice.

Reach out to our company to find out more about our work. Call us today at 714-847-7030 to schedule an appointment.