You don't haveto bea mechanicto identify thestrange noises your vehicle makes when you turn theignition, but youwill need a mechanicto
repairany possible damageto yourengine or transmission. Learn howto listen to what yourcar is telling you about its performance. This
knowledgeis the best way to keep your vehiclein top running condition (in addition to regular service by your mechanic, ofcourse).
As soon as you notice strange noises coming from your ride,contact your mechanic for some needed service and TLC.

Whistling, Whining, or Squealing

If it sounds like you have a pig or a song bird under your hood, then you may have issues with a timing or accessory belt in your car. These belts
do wear out over time,especially if you have high miles on your vehicle.

As these belts begin to go slack with years of use, theywill begin to make whistling or squealing sounds,especiallywhen you firststart yourcar.
The noises may stop once you reach acertain speed or yourcar warms up (and the beltsalongwith it) but willreturn the next time you start your
vehicle. See your mechanic for belt inspections and/or replacement.


Your car doesn't have any teeth to grind, but it does have brakes and wheel bearings that begin to rub against metal when they start to wear out.
The grinding sound is often accompanied by a disturbing lurching or vibration feeling inside yourcar thatmakes youwant to cringe.
Youmay only hear the grinding sound when you areapplying your brakes oras you turn sharp corners, but this doesn'tmean you shouldn't get
theissueinspected rightaway. Thelonger you drivea grinding car, the moreat risk you put thecomponents thatmake up your wheel baseand
brake system.

Humming or Buzzing

Alowhumheard under your hood iscauseforconcern but difficult to diagnose. Theissuecould beanything fromyour differential needing fluid to
your transmission screaming forassistance. Thesound may turn into aloud buzzing as you accelerate or beaccompanied by other sounds:
clanging or squealing for example.

Humming under the hood may notsound particularly dangerous, but thesound canworsen thelonger you ignoreit. Take yourcar to your
mechanic to find out if your car is simply humming a tune or if something is truly wrong with your vehicle.


You don't have a snake under your hood, but you hear a hissing sound that is ominously present every time you turn off your engine. Hissing,
especiallywhen accompanied by steamor smokeexiting your hood, isasign that one or more of your vehicle's fluids may below.
Check yourantifreeze,engine oil, transmission fluid,and other liquids to makesurethey arefulland clear (dark or thick liquid in any of your
retainers need to be flushed and replaced).

Better yet, take yourcar into your mechanicfor servicing. During servicing, theywillflush and fillallfluids thatarecausing your vehicleto be
sluggish in operation.

Your car is not meant to be a noisy machine, but the sounds that creep up in your vehicle can be helpful signs of engine or other problems. Once
you notice that your car is making odd sounds, take it to your mechanic for inspection and repair.

Therightmechaniccan diagnose your vehicleafterafullinspection. Allowour helpfulstaffat HuntingtonBeachTransmissions &Auto Repair to
make your car a less acoustic machine for you to drive.